Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Consecration of Family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Oh Mother Most Pure,
we come to You as a family
and consecrate ourselves to your most Immaculate Heart.
We come to You as a family
and place our trust in Your powerful intercession.

Oh Dearest Mother Mary,
teach us as a mother teaches her children,
for our souls are soiled
and our prayers are weak
because of our sinful hearts.
Here we are Dearest Mother,
ready to respond to You
and follow Your way,
for Your way leads us
to the heart of Your Son, Jesus.
We are ready to be cleansed and purified.

Come then Virgin Most Pure,
and embrace us with Your motherly mantle.
Make our hearts whiter than snow
and as pure as a spring of fresh water.
Teach us to pray,
so that our prayers may become more beautiful
than the singing of the birds at the break of dawn.

Dear Mother Mary,
we entrust to Your Immaculate Heart of hearts,
our family and our entire future.
Lead us all to our homeland which is Heaven.


Immaculate Heart of Mary,

 pray for us.

Mary Our Strength

O Virgin, fair as the moon,
delight of the angels and saints in heaven,
grant that we may become like you
and that our souls may receive a ray of your beauty,
which does not decline with the years
but shines forth into eternity.

O Mary, sun of heaven,
restore life where there is death
and enlighten spirits where there is darkness.
Turn your countenance to your children
and radiate on us your light and your fervor.

O Mary, powerful as an army,
grant victory to our ranks.
We are very weak
and our enemy rages with uttermost conceit.
But under your banner
we are confident of overcoming him.

Save us, O Mary,
fair as the moon,
bright as the sun,
awe inspiring as an army set in battle array\n\n
and sustained not by hatred
but by the ardor of love.


Bend Tenderly Over Our Wounds

Enraptured by the splendor of your heavenly beauty,”
and impelled by the anxieties of the world,
we cast ourselves into your arms,
O Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our Mother, Mary,
confident of finding in your most loving heart
appeasement of our ardent desires,
and a safe harbour from the tempests
which beset us on every side.

Though degraded by our faults
and overwhelmed by infinite misery,
we admire and praise the peerless richness
of the sublime gifts with which God has filled you,
above every other mere creature,
from the first moment of your conception
until the day on which,
after your assumption into heaven,
he crowned you Queen of the Universe.

O crystal Fountain of Faith,
bathe our minds with the eternal truths!
O fragrant Lily of All Holiness,
captivate our hearts with your heavenly perfume!
O Conqueress of Evil and Death,
inspire in us a deep horror of sin,
which makes the soul detestable to God
and a slave of hell!

O well-beloved of God,
hear the ardent cry
which rises up from every heart.
Bend tenderly over our aching wounds.
Convert the wicked,
dry the tears of the afflicted and oppressed,
comfort the poor and humble,
quench hatreds, sweeten hardness,
safeguard the flower of purity in youth,
protect the holy church,
make all men feel the attractions of Christian goodness.
In your name,
resounding harmoniously in heaven,
may they recognize that they are brothers,
and that the nations are members of one family,
upon which may there shine forth the sun
of a universal and sincere peace.

Receive, O most sweet Mother,
our humble supplications,
and above all obtain for us that,
one day, happy with you,
we may repeat before your throne that hymn
which today is sung on earth around your altars:
You are all-beautiful, O Mary!
You are the glory,
your are the joy,
your are the honor of our people!


Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Behold, O Mother of Perpetual Help,”
at thy feet a wretched sinner,
who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee.
O Mother of mercy, have pity on me;
I hear all men call thee the refuge and hope of sinners:
be therefore my refuge and my hope.
Help me for the love of Jesus Christ:
hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch,
who commends himself to thee
and dedicates himself to be thy servant forever.
I praise and thank God,
who of His great mercy
hath given me this confidence in thee,
a sure pledge of my eternal salvation.
Alas, it is only too true
that in the past I have fallen miserably,
because I did not come to thee.
I know that with thy help I shall conquer;
I know that thou wilt help me,
if I commend myself to thee;
but I am fearful lest in the occasions of sin
I shall forget to call upon thee
and so I shall be lost.
This grace, then, do I ask of thee;
for this I implore thee,
as much as I can and know how to do;
namely, that in the assaults of hell
I may ever run to thy protection
and may say to thee:
Mary, help me;
Mother of Perpetual Help,
permit me not to lose my God.

Say the Hail Mary here...

O Mother of Perpetual Help,
grant me ever to be able to call upon thy powerful name,
since thy name is the help of the living
and the salvation of the dying.
Ah, Mary most pure,
Mary most sweet,
grant that thy name from this day forth
may be to me the very breath of life.
Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance
whenever I call upon thee;
for in all the temptations that assail me,
in all the necessities that befall me,
I will never leave off calling upon thee,
ever repeating: Mary, Mary.
What comfort, what sweetness,
what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul
at the sound of thy name,
at the very thought of thee!
I give thanks to our Lord,
who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet,
so lovable, so mighty.
But I am not content merely to speak thy name;
I would utter it for very love of thee;
it is my desire that love
should ever remind me to name thee,
Mother of Perpetual Help.

Say the Hail Mary here...

O Mother of Perpetual Help,
thou art the dispenser of every grace
that God grants us in our misery;
it is for this cause that He hath made thee so powerful,
so rich, so kind,
that thou mightest assist us in our miseries.
Thou art the advocate of the most wretched
and abandoned sinners,
if they but come unto thee;
come once more to my assistance,
for I commend myself to thee.
In thy hands I place my eternal salvation;
to thee I entrust my soul.
Enroll me among thy most faithful servants;
take me under thy protection
and it is enough for me: yes,
for if thou protect me,
I shall fear nothing; not my sins,
for thou wilt obtain for me their pardon and remission;
not the evil spirits,
for thou art mightier than all the powers of hell;
not even Jesus, my Judge,
for He is appeased by a single prayer from thee.
I fear only that through my own negligence
I may forget to recommend myself to thee
and so I shall be lost.
My dear Lady,
obtain for me the forgiveness of my sins,
love for Jesus,
final perseverance
and the grace to have recourse to thee at all times,
O Mother of Perpetual Help.

Say the Hail Mary here…

Prayer of Refuge

(By St. Alphonsus Liguori.)

Behold, O Mother of my God,
my only hope, Mary,
behold at thy feet a miserable sinner,
who asks thee for mercy.
Thou art proclaimed and called by the whole Church,
and by all the faithful,
the refuge of sinners.

Thou art consequently my refuge;
thou hast to save me.
I will say with William of Paris:
Thou knowest, most sweet Mother of God,
how much thy blessed Son desires our salvation.

Thou knowest all that Jesus Christ endured for this end.
I present thee, O my Mother, the sufferings of Jesus:
the cold that He endured in the stable,
His journey into Egypt,
His toils, His sweat, the Blood that He shed;
the anguish which caused His death on the Cross,
and of which thou wast thyself a witness.

Oh, show that thou lovest thy beloved Son,
and by this love I implore thee to assist me.
Extend thy hand to a poor creature who has fallen
and asks thy help.

Were I a Saint I would not need seek thy mercy;
but because I am a sinner I fly to thee,
who art the Mother of mercies.

I know that thy compassionate heart
finds it a consolation in assisting the miserable,
when thou canst do so,
and dost not find them obstinate.

Console, then, thy compassionate heart,
and console me this day;
for now thou hast the opportunity
of saving a poor creature condemned to Hell;
and thou canst do so,
for I will not be obstinate.

I abandon myself into thy hands,
only tell me what thou wouldst have me do,
and obtain for me strength to execute it,
for I am resolved to do all
that depends on me to recover the Divine grace.

I take refuge under thy mantle.
Jesus wills that I should have recourse to thee,
in order not only that His Blood may save me,
but also that thy prayers may assist me in this great work;
for thy glory. and for His Own,
since thou art His Mother.

He sends me to thee, that thou mayest help me.
O Mary, see, I have recourse to thee;
in thee do I confide.
Thou prayest for so many others,
pray also for me; say only a word.

Tell Our Lord that thou willest my salvation,
and God will certainly save me.
Say that I am thine,
and then I have obtained all that I ask,

all that I desire.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (In Sickness)

Mother of perpetual Help,
you know how much I suffer because of my sickness.
Not only my body but my soul is also affected.
I do not even have the strength to pray as I should.
Nothing gives me any relief.
Even the visits and compassion of my friends bring me no comfort.

My courage is beginning to fail;
impatience and sadness are having their effect on me.
Most tender and loving Mother,
in my feelings of distress,
I put all my trust in you.
Your compassionate heart will surely have pity on me.
Merciful Mother,
do not forget your devoted, afflicted child\'s

[Mention your intention(s) here...]

Ask your Son, Jesus,
to give me the courage and strength
to accept my sickness as the will of God
and to bear it with patience and resignation.
If it is God's will,
intercede for me in recovering my former good health;
but if it is God\'s will that I continue to suffer, or,
that this sickness should lead me to a better life,

I am perfectly resigned.
Loving Mother,
I am confident you will obtain the grace
to do whatever God asks of me.


Consecration of the Sick to Mary

Prayer of Pope Pius XII

O kind and good Mother,
whose own soul was pierced by the sword of sorrow,
look upon us while,
in our sickness,
we arraign ourselves beside you
on the Calvary where your Jesus hangs.

Dowered with the high grace of suffering,
and hopeful of fulfilling in our own flesh
what is wanting in our sharing of Christ\'s passion,
on behalf of his Mystical Body, the Church,
we consecrate to you ourselves and our pain.

We pray that you will place them
on that Altar of the Cross to which Jesus is affixed.
May they be little victims of propitiation for our salvation,
for the salvation of all peoples.
O Mother of Sorrows,
accept this consecration.
Strengthen our hopeful hearts,
that as partakers of Christ\'s sufferings
we may also share in his comfort now and for evermore.